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Machine features and advantages

The machine offers several features and advantages that make it an efficient and convenient tool in various industries.

Firstly, it is equipped with numerical control and a touch screen interface, allowing for easy and accurate adjustment of parameters. This not only saves time but also ensures precise control over the machine's operations.

Secondly, the machine is constructed using high-quality 304 stainless steel, giving it a beautiful and durable appearance. This not only enhances its aesthetics but also adds to its longevity, making it a reliable investment for businesses.

Additionally, the machine is designed to be easily cleaned when changing the product model. The separator with the conveyor belt effectively prevents any residue or debris from sticking to the machine, making cleaning a quick and hassle-free process. This feature is especially useful when dealing with sticky products or when frequent product changes are required.

Comparison of advantages between air separator and vibration separator

In comparison, the previous vibration separator had a few drawbacks that are overcome by the new air power machine. One significant issue with the vibration separator is that it tends to vibrate burrs along with the products. As a result, the separation process is not very clean, leaving unwanted burrs or particles mixed with the final product. The new air power machine, on the other hand, ensures a much cleaner separation, effectively eliminating the presence of burrs or unwanted particles.

Another disadvantage of the vibration separator is the need to change the sieve size according to the different sizes of products. This process is time-consuming and requires additional effort, leading to inefficiency. In contrast, the new air power separator machine eliminates the need for manual changes in sieve size, saving both time and energy. Its advanced design allows for efficient separation without the need for constant adjustments.

Lastly, the new air power separator machine boasts the latest design advancements. It operates at high speed and high efficiency, making it a reliable and productive solution for various industries. Furthermore, it occupies less land space compared to traditional separators, optimizing the use of available area. The machine is particularly effective in separating silicone and rubber products, indicating its versatility and suitability for specific applications.

In conclusion, the machine's features and advantages make it a valuable asset in the industry. Its efficient and precise adjustment capabilities, durable stainless steel construction, and easy-clean functionality contribute to its effectiveness and longevity. Additionally, its superiority over the vibration separator in terms of cleanliness and time-saving features further enhance its appeal. The new air power machine's advanced design, high speed, high efficiency, and compact size make it an excellent choice for separating silicone, rubber, and other products.

Machine Item

Rubber air separator


Item No.


Outside dimension


Packed in Wooden case


50kg one cycle

Out surface


304 Stainless Steel



  Touch Screen



Delta 2.2KW

Before Separating


After Separating


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