Automatic cutting and feeding machine XCJ-600#-A

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It is sutable for high temperature vulcanization process of rubber products,instead of manual slitting、 cutting、screening、discharging、mould tilting and take products and other processes,to achieve intelligent,automated production.Major advantage:1.Rubber material real-time cutting,real-time display,the weight of each rubber accurate.2.Avoid personnel working in high temperature environment.


  • 1.The slitting and feeding mechanism is equipped with a stepper motor to control the slitting stroke, and is supported by auxiliary mechanical torque and a limiter for the packaging film. This ensures proper winding and provides the necessary unwinding tension.
  • 2.The up and down synchronous double belt line feeding mechanism increases the contact area for feeding, ensuring accurate rubber placement while preventing deformations caused by local pressure from the roller.
  • 3.The automatic weighing and screening mechanism utilizes dual-channel dual weighing sensors for precise weighing and sorting, ensuring that each rubber falls within the specified tolerance range.
  • 4.The automatic arrangement and transfer mechanism allows for flexible layout schemes to be switched based on product or mold requirements.
  • 5.The product reclaiming mechanism incorporates a pneumatic finger assisted by a lifting mechanism and adjusted by two axes, making it easy to retrieve the products.
  • 6.The cutting system is an enhanced version of our traditional CNC weighing and cutting machine, providing increased competitiveness, efficiency, and the ability to identify and make modifications.
  • 7.High-quality electrical accessories from reputable brands are used to ensure stability, accuracy, and safety. Non-standard parts are made of durable stainless steel and alloy materials, resulting in a long lifespan and low failure rate.
  • 8.This system is simple to operate and enables multi-machine management, allowing for unmanned and mechanized production with consistently high quality.

Main parameters

  • Max cutting wideth:600mm
  • Max cutting thickness:15mm
  • Max layout wideth:540mm
  • Max layout length:600mm
  • Overall power:3.8kw
  • Max cutting speed:10-15 pcs/min
  • Max weight accuracy:0.1g
  • Feeding accuracy:0.1mm
  • Model:200T-300T vacuum machine
  • Machine Size:2300*1000*2850(H)/3300(H Total height)mm Weight:1000kg

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