Automatic cutting and feeding machine XCJ-600#-B

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It is applicable for rubber products' vulcanization process under high temperatures, instead of manually slitting, cutting, screening, discharging, tilting molds, and taking out products, in order to achieve intelligent and automated production. The main benefits are as follows: 1. Real-time cutting and display of rubber materials, ensuring accurate weight of each rubber. 2. Avoiding the need for personnel to work in high temperature environments.


1.Slitting and feeding mechanism,using stepper motor to control slitting stroke,auxiliary mechanical torque,limiter to the packaging film for winding and provide unwinding tension.
2.Up and down synchronous double belt line feeding mechanism, increase the contact area of feeding to ensure the accuracy of the rubber, while avoiding the work because of the local pressure of the roller rubber deformation caused by quality problems.
3.Automatic weighing and screening mechanism, using dual-channel dual weighing sensor weighing and sorting, to ensure that the weight of each rubber in the set tolerance range。
4. Automatic arrangement and transfer mechanism, according to the product or mold needs to switch at will layout scheme.
5.The product reclaiming mechanism adopts the pneumatic finger which is assisted by the lifting mechanism and adjusted by two axes, and the product can be taken out easily.
6.Cutting system: based on our traditional CNC weighing and cutting machine, it is more competitive, efficient and can be identified and modified。
7.The key electrical accessories using brand, to ensure stability, accuracy, safety and other advantages. The non-standard parts are made of stainless steel and alloy, with long strength, long life and low failure rate.
8.Simple operation, can achieve a multi-machine management, the basic realization of unmanned, mechanized production, high quality consistency.

Main parameters

Max cutting wideth:600mm
Max cutting thickness:15mm
Max layout wideth:540mm
Max layout length:600mm
Overall power:3.8kw
Max cutting speed:10-15 pcs/min
Max weight accuracy:0.1g
Feeding accuracy:0.1mm
Model:200T-300T vacuum machine
Machine Size:2300*1000*2850(H)/3300(H Total height)mm Weight:1000kg

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