Liquid nitrogen Cryogenic deflashing machine

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As usual, the rubber products, zinc, magnesium, aluminum alloy die casting products, the thickness of their fringes, burr and flashing will be thinner than ordinary rubber products, so the flash or burr embrittlement ,the embrittlement speed will be much faster than the ordinary products, so that to achieve the objective of the trimming. The products after trimming, high quality, high efficiency.

Keep the product itself of possessions do not change the special burring equipment.

It can greatly improve trimming (deburring) of the product precision and has the very high intensive degree.

Frozen trimming machine, this equipment has become indispensable, widely used in deburring processing among precision rubber products line and die casting enterprises.

Main Parameters

Roller Payload Capacity :80L (About 15~20kg)
Max Temperature : -150℃
Operating Time:<8mins(One Cycle)
Freeze Source: Liquid Nitrogen
The Rated Refrigerating Capacity :1.1kw
Dimensions:1200L×1200H×2000W (mm)
Power /Voltage:3P 380V 50Hz
Roller Speed:20-70RPM

Functions & Advantages

1.Processing and removing flying edge small rubber products, any shape of casting of magnesium alloy.
2. The trimming precision is high, can remove very small and subtle flash.(Trimmed by hand made can not do that)
3. High production efficiency, a trimming machine frozen daily processing volume equivalent to 60-80 skilled.
4.Do not damage the surface of products, improve the appearance of the product quality, increase the service life of the product.
5. Pass rate of trimming quality is high, the passing rate of finished products remained at more than 98%.
6.Cover so little area , a trimming machine frozen ancillary equipment together with only needs 10 square meters.
7.Greatly reduce manual cost.
8. Enhanced oxidation resistance of casting surface after treatment , increase the life of the product.
9.Do not damage the surface of casting, improve the appearance of the product quality, increase the service life of the product.
10.Easily Operation:Only needs to put in products, press the button, then can remove the products.
11.Clean and non-contaminated.

Typical Application

Rubber Complicated Parts
Miniature Aerospace Components
Automotive Rubber Parts
Precision Synthetic Rubber Parts
Precision Plastic Parts
Microelectronics Parts
The Complex Electronic Parts
Zinc, Magnesium, Aluminum Die Casting
Precision Seals

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