New air power Rubber deflashing machine

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Working principle

It is without frozen and liquid nitrogen, using the principle of aerodynamics, realizing automatic edge demolition of rubber molded products.

Production efficiency

a single piece of this equipment is equivalent to 40-50 times manual operations,about 4Kg/minute.

Applicable scope

outer diameter 3-80mm, diameter without requirement of product line.

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Rubber De-flashing machine\ Rubber separator (BTYPE)

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Rubber De-flashing machine(A TYPE)

Rubber De-flashing machine advantage

1. Discharge door with transparent safety cover, it is safe and nice.
2. Grating sensors, preventing the hand clamp
3. 7 inches large touch screen, it is easier to touch
4. With 2 automatic water sprays (water and silicone), it is more convenient select transform for silicone and rubber products. (As usual, the silicone products only need to add water, and the rubber products need to add silicone oil.)
5. With auto vacuum cleaning equipment. ( It is more useful and save time to clean the pieces rubbish after trimming)
6. Auto memory in the touch screen. (As the different parameters for each product, thanks to the memory function, it can store 999 trimming names of products, it can save much time, high efficiency.
7. When water spray and spray oil is finished, machine has automatic alarm equipment, it can prevent causing the non-conforming due to shortage of water.

De-flashing Samples

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img (2)
img (3)
img (4)

Rubber separator Working principle

The main function of this product is the separation of burrs and finished products after edge demolition processing.

The burrs and rubber products maybe mixed together after demolition of the edge machining, this separator can effectively separate the burrs and products, using vibration principle. It can greatly improve the efficiency with the combined use of separator and edge demolition machine.


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